Author: Maygwan , 29-03-2017 12:56

400 archers - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

Once you get Arthur you will get the archers behind quest gate. more...

Author: Maygwan , 29-03-2017 12:53

Guard3 - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

He is behind the red border gates beat him and behind him is arthur in prison. more...

Author: Maygwan , 29-03-2017 12:50

King Arthur - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

Once you get the red tent king arthur is behind guard3. The black tent you wont need till the very end of the map. 4000 archers you just need to go up thru the water area and on the right event will say task 1 archers keep heading that way. more...

Author: Andreas (Munich), 29-03-2017 08:02

very good map - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

Well done ! This map has so many surprises ! I really like this ! Orange player was so hard until I could free Crag Hack from prison near Kildare Castle. His thousands of armies were very satisfying. Only one little problem : In the sea where you get over 40 spell power, knowledge , experience etc: more...

Author: Piergiorgio Mazzetta (Canada), 29-03-2017 05:17

I'm stuck - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

hi, cant get to find 400 elves
cant find King arthur....
cant find blak tent
what am i missing? more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 28-03-2017 17:52

Thanks - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the clarifications! But I passed all the quests and finished the game successfully! The only wish is to warn that quests have been performed, you need to collect certain artifacts. And then I sold them and could not enter the dungeon))) more...

Author: Maygwan , 28-03-2017 17:33

Glad you enjoyed map - A Barbarian Uprising Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Cyclops by eric is a bug ty the garrison troops you are meant to have. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 28-03-2017 17:01

Thanks. - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the good rating. I was so angry with the constant glitches I had asked for the game to be removed. Hopefully (since I did not play all the way through it again to be sure) the glitches are repaired. At any rate, the game should be playable even if all the quests don't trigger. As lon more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 28-03-2017 16:56

Quests Fixed - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

The game layout is essentially the same. I needed to fix the quests, and the "mob scene" toward the end. Also added a few more troops to the enemy players to make them more challenging. more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 28-03-2017 13:16

Vote - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Deathlord more...

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Heroes3 - Your opinions about The Cat and the Swindle - map rating = 10.00 (10 - The best)

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Heroes 3: Horn of the Abyss

The desire for fortune of three old friends, the Landlords of "Silvercat's Lake" very soon will serve its sinister purpose and create a bloody conflict between the old allies. Will they live to lay hands on the pirate's treasure or clasped in battles will perish and be soon forgotten..?

Added: 17-03-2017

Heroes 3 maps: Portal's | Ragnar's quest The search. | Vampir contra Angel III | Isle of Element's

Author: Mikhail (Omsk), 01-03-2017 18:06 +10
Different than others - The Cat and the Swindle
I played it with old friend who was not playing heroes from years and he still managed to beat me. I was foolish to leave my tent unprotected while getting treasures. I like here rushing is no good, needed some thinking appraoch. Good map!

Author: Atanas (Sofia, Bulgaria), 27-02-2017 10:27
My feedback - The Cat and the Swindle
The idea with Wisdom id fresh and I like it!

But why is that 15 lv limitation.
And map was completed with about 40% map revealed.
Why you put efforts to create something, which is not needed.

Not offense, just a honest feedback.

Overall rating: 7

  Fawahar (Panagyrishte, Bulgaria) writes:
27-02-2017 12:01

Brief info - The Cat and the Swindle

Здрасти, Наско :)
The map is designed for multiplayer, thus it could be not so much challenging vs AI. The far regions of the map are giving an edge to the first one exploring them. If I give here more reasons why it will be a spoiler, but I will say, there are specific things, very helpful all around the map, which can serve specific tactical approaches. The limitations of the map (15th lvl cap, certain secondary skills turned off) are in order to make the players crate new ideas and tactics I in order to win. I make my maps easy enough to play for every casual player, but the ingenious ones will always find the better and smarter way to win against the odds. This is also a legacy map done in honour of Descent to Malkuth and the campaign The Coming Home. Thus if you roleplay this map after knowing the lore of its ancestors, the experience will be totally different.

Much appreciated to see a feedback from fellow Bulgarian. Наздраве, баце!

  Atanas (Sofia, Bulgaria) writes:
27-02-2017 14:13

Супер! - The Cat and the Swindle

Супер, сега разбрах идеята.

Беше ми странно, че има вмъкнати хитри идеи, а картата не беше трудна.

Имаш ли Single Player карти?

Наздраве :)

  Fawahar (panagyrishte, Bulgaria) writes:
27-02-2017 19:09

за сингъл - The Cat and the Swindle

Blaze of obscurity е за сингъл, можеш да я подкараш със SoD или с HotA. Можеш да я намериш на сайта, тук. Всъщност не е особено трудна ако не консумираш ракия с количества. Пробвай кампанията The Coming Home, тя е по-сложна, особено ако я играеш на крайните трудности. И там има много скрити бонуси за тези които скаутват преди да разрушават опонента. Правил съм я точно поради причината че 90% от картите ми са за мултиплейър, а хората по принцип си джиткат сами.

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