Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 25-03-2017 17:53

My opinion - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

You know better in this case. But I have all the scripts worked and I was able to go through the whole map! more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 25-03-2017 17:04

New map coming - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

I had DeathLord removed because the game mechanics would not allow what I wanted it to do. It was broken beyond my ability to repair it. A new map is being tested now. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 25-03-2017 17:01

DeathLord Removed - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

I asked that DeathLord, my last map, be removed from the website. It was broken beyond my ability to repair and thus did not live up to my personal standards. I am beta-testing another one to put up on the site soon. more...

Author: Lpro , 25-03-2017 16:49

Author - Dragon Lord - Heroes 3 map

The Angelic Alliance can be found in the Tomb of King Sarkonis. To reach the tomb you must travel the Cursed Path, at the end of the Cursed Path is a river which will lead you to the tomb. Before you can travel the Cursed Path you must first defeat the Pirate King, because this will allow you to acc more...

Author: Jackie (Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam), 25-03-2017 15:10

Like - Last Dawn - Heroes 5 map

Thank for your support more...

Author: Maygwan , 25-03-2017 14:38

Make few stacks of angels - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

Enough so if they die you can resurrect and guard your titans while doing damage. You might need a few more titans see how you get on. more...

Author: Maygwan , 25-03-2017 14:36

It is hidden in that area - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

check everywhere and you will find the 3 parts to the bow. more...

Author: Solmyr89 (petersburg), 25-03-2017 14:33

Bow of the sharpshooter for Sam - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

How do I get it so the guard will let me pass? more...

Author: ntt , 25-03-2017 12:01

death lord - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

Where is your latest map? Why did it disappear from the site? Where can I find it? more...

Author: blackace , 25-03-2017 11:09

Hi im stuck @ dragon lord map - Dragon Lord - Heroes 3 map

I can't unlock Rashka . It require Orb of temperment fire . But to get it i need angelic alliance . How can i get the sword ?? more...

Heroes 7 (VII) - Maps Heroes 6 (VI) - Maps Heroes 5 (V) - Maps Heroes 4 (IV) - Maps Heroes 3 (III) - Maps

Heroes 5 system requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 9.0c April 2005
  • CPU: Pentium 4 1.5 GHz / Athlon 2000+ or higher
  • RAM: 512 MB or higher
  • Video: 128 MB AGP GeForce4 Ti4200 / RADEON 8500 or higher video card
  • CD/DVD-ROM speed: 32x
  • Sound: DirectX compatible PCI 16-bit sound card

Buy Heroes of Might and Magic 5

Product Features
  • Experience new darker heroic fantasy universe in this adventure strategy RPG
  • 6 campaigns and 30+ missions; cutting-edge technology; 3-D animated world
  • Deep scalable turned-based battle system for challenging and tactical combats
  • 80+ different creatures; 200+ skills; storyline with side quests and plot twists
  • Battle opponents in exclusive Duel mode; map editor provided
Product Description
From the Manufacturer
The Heroes franchise enters a new era. Dive into the new groundbreaking Might and Magic universe for the most complete strategy gaming experience ever created.
  • Cutting-edge technology: for the first time, experience the world of Might and Magic in a full breathtaking 3-D animated world supported by a consistent and modern graphic style.
  • Deep scalable turned-based battle system for challenging and tactical combats: Find out the combat system that made the success of the Heroes series or experience the brand new Dynamic Battle System. Choose from over 200 skills, 170 creatures’ abilities, and 40 spells to build up your heroes and their armies.
  • New darker heroic fantasy universe: discover a completely revamped and more mature universe that features six unique factions and over 80 different creatures.
Live the adventure like never before through a grasping storyline that features special objectives, numerous side quests, and plot twists.
  • Complete strategy experience: during six campaigns and over 30 missions, experience the finest blend of adventure, strategy, tactics, management, and role play ever brewed, through a user friendly yet deep turn-based system that favors tactical thinking over button mashing.
  • Competitive and addictive intense multiplayer parts: The wait is over. Discover for the first time new options that will allow you to play simultaneously or even when it is not your turn!
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 5 also introduce the new exclusive Duel mode: challenge your opponent in fierce battles where only the slyest shall prevail.
  • Experience everlasting adventure thanks to the map editor provided.
Product Description
Heroes of Might and Magic 5 is a new opus that adds new adventure of the classic scenarios and gameplay. Dive into the new groundbreaking Might and Magic universe, for the most complete strategy gaming experience ever Exclusive new Duel Mode - Challenge your opponent in fierce battles where only the slyest shall prevail

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 - features

archer The black sign of terrible troubles - a solar eclipse - was executed in day of wedding of king Nikolay and beautiful Isabel: hordes of demons have attacked the country and have cast it into perturbation. Now under covering of chaos heroes of all races conduct in fight numerous armies, pursuing the purposes of peoples. Together with each of them you will pass through all peripetias of intriguing plot, will experience aspirations and hopes of each of races and even more full feel a variety of surprising universe Heroes of Might and Magic.

Hеroes of Might and Magic V - Hеroes of Might and Magic V is a continuation of legendary strategy in grown fond to millions players the magic world. The best traditions of a series in a combination to new ideas and technologies will allow you to plunge into the bewitching atmosphere of the revived universe filled with mysterious force of magic and noble aspiration to fight. Modern standards diagrams will inhale even more life in the magic world, and new heroes and essences will make your travel to it even more fascinating.

Key features:

  • Graphic art of new generation: For the first time the universe of Heroes is embodied in completely 3D! Wandering on its picturesque open spaces, you as never, will like a magic atmosphere and beauty of this mysterious world - and majestic three-dimensional cities and scale will transfer originality of each race!

  • Dynamics of fight: you can battle in a mode of traditional heroic fights - or to test in operation new dynamic system of fight with elements of real time. New spells, artefacts and skills of heroes and essences will increase quantity of tactical combinations, doing fights is even more sated!

  • Rich opportunities of the multiuser game: In all five modes мультиплеера the waiting time of a course is reduced or filled with new game sense! One of modes represents dynamical short game - for those who can not give it a lot of time. Other mode allows to play in a waiting time of the course of the special illusive version of the world to realize small reconnaissance and even fine diversions. In a standard multiuser mode the waiting time is reduced by an opportunity of simultaneous courses of players.

  • Flexible strategy: Strategic opportunities of world Hеroes of Might and Magic became even more perfect. More flexible line of development of cities will allow to realize various long-term schemes, and new opportunities of development of heroes expand your tactical arsenal. Unique distinctive features of each race will make your game experience more variously and more brightly!
steff at 2011-03-22 08:37 wrote:
Heroes 5 run on windows 7?
sara herdon at 2010-11-27 18:50 wrote:
i love hereoesű
Sasha at 2007-01-22 14:19 wrote:
to: me
Practical book of the editor:
C:/games/Heroes of Might and Magic V/Editor Documentation/HOMM5_ Editor_Practical_Gui de.pdf
me at 2007-01-21 13:25 wrote:
how does heros 5 map editor work?????
Sasha at 2007-01-11 15:17 wrote:
to: Elec3
Look here:
http://www.maps4hero hp?showtopic=78
Elec3 at 2007-01-10 14:49 wrote:
Hi can i use this maps in hot-seat game?
Sasha at 2006-12-21 18:02 wrote:
to: Lexe
1) Install patch 1.3
2) This folder "Maps" is generated automatically the first time you start the map editor!!!
Lexe at 2006-12-21 17:45 wrote:
Where do i download "heroes V Map editor?
Lexe at 2006-12-21 17:41 wrote:
i have just download some maps, but it dosent work, i have already extract all them to a map and then move the " Heroes map " . i dont know where i should put it, i cant find the official maps that was their from the begining, i have test many things but it dosent work Please help me
Nick at 2006-12-18 11:21 wrote:
Somebody help me!!
I have a problems with 1.4 patch.
First 3 patches was OK, but now
My game always shutdown during the battle and every time only at that moment when my summoning creatures(inferno, elementals, fantoms) are disapearing.
Who knows the kind of this problem?? and way to ignor it.
Legolas at 2006-12-14 21:37 wrote:
Hey I like very much hof, but could they make another castle for example like in LOTR, a castle with: orcs, goblins, trolls, nazguls, and some other creatures. Keep the good job. This is the best game that was ever made and will be made.
ngua at 2006-12-10 02:08 wrote:

argh damn!.. hmm gotta go buy a new computer i quess!;D hehe!;o)
but thanks anyway now i could spare that money.. hehe
Sasha at 2006-12-09 19:05 wrote:
to: ngua
Too slow video-card.
ngua at 2006-12-08 23:06 wrote:
Can my computer run this game with a Geforce 2 mx 400 32 mb? is that possible? or should i forget all about it?
Sasha at 2006-11-14 16:03 wrote:
to: Legolas
Once you opened the map editor (just opening and immediately closing the editor is enough) it created a folder in the Heroes 5 dir called "maps." If you don’t have this folder; make it. Fan made maps have to be placed there. To clarify, I'm talking about the heroes folder on your main drive, not the heroes folder in the "my documents" folder; that one is only where your profile and safe-games are stored.
Legolas at 2006-11-13 22:01 wrote:
I've downloaded some maps from site,I dezarhivate them, I put them in Heroes VMaps but I can't find them in multiplyer or in single player to play them.And I've instaled all 4 patches. What shell I do. please help me.
Sasha at 2006-11-05 14:48 wrote:
to: olivier
To get "Heroes 5 Map Editor", install a patch 1.3:
http://www.maps4hero _1_3_eng.php
olivier at 2006-11-05 13:57 wrote:
p.s. Sasha, ty for giving me advise to get the map editor
olivier at 2006-11-05 13:56 wrote:
does anybody knowhow to get the miimap on the map editor/
plz help me!
i want to make a new map for a month, but i dont know how to ge tthat ***minimap!!!
Guest at 2006-09-30 20:38 wrote:
martynas at 2006-08-30 17:32 wrote:
its good game
Sasha at 2006-08-27 12:57 wrote:
"Natives of Moria" - Heroes of Might and Magic 5: First Official Addon
Bert at 2006-08-24 22:34 wrote:
I read on some forum that there'd also be new heroes ? any infoirmation?
ALso, what'll be released with furthcoming patches (1.4, 1.5)
Evgeniy at 2006-08-15 16:17 wrote:
to: matt
It not a bug so it has been conceived by developers. Why I do not know. But I think to not break balance of a map.
matt at 2006-08-15 09:44 wrote:
hi ppl, just a question: in 2 campaigns (I'm currently onto the last mission in the Elven campaign) we are required to collect certain artifacts to aid the Hero in our war, namely Markal and Findan. How is it that after we have done so, the artifacts are not carried over into the next mission in the same campaign? It's a matter of story, isn't it? is it a bug on my version or shld i bring this up to the developers? ;)
Michael at 2006-08-11 14:24 wrote:
to: Derek
Walkthrough - Campaign 1 "The Queen" - Mission 4 "The Trap"

The Trap is a long trek along a path nearby some Inferno terrain. The map appears to be huge judging from the minimap, but don’t worry as you will only see about a third of it. You can actually spend a lot of time on that map gathering resources and fighting countless neutral stacks, but I will provide a few tips to speed things up. Isabel should hit her leveling cap long before the end of the scenario, so you don’t need to fight everyone unless you want to.

You start at the South-East corner of the map with a sizeable army that includes Imperial Griffins and Cavaliers. So there is no need to tell you that most of the enemy stacks won’t cause you much trouble. Head North, fighting any stack that blocks your way. Here is a list of the locations I visited:

Stables (for a quick speed boost)
Dolmen of Knowledge (for the extra knowledge point)

Keep following the road until you enter an Inferno road. Around that area you will need to fight some Succubus Mistresses, a shooter unit which could cause some damage to your troops. The Imperial Griffin’s Battle Dive can be useful to attack those shooters, and protects that unit from Chain Shot damage. Keep traveling North until you arrive at Brightwood. The Castle is lightly defended, so you should have no problem capturing it without any loss (at Normal difficult at least). You should receive a new objective, which is to upgrade Brightwood’s magic guild. Visit the garrison on the West to trigger a cutscene and yet another objective. That objective will show up as secondary, but completing it is required to finish the scenario.

A rather large stack of Griffins that won’t join you unless you have a large army blocks the path to the underground. That’s when I turned around and decided to build up the castle. I was told that this is facultative, as long as the mage guild objective is complete, so it’s up to you to spend more time cleaning the map or to take the shortcut. Your first priority will be the series of mines surrounding the castle. The Ore Pit is the most important one as this resource is quite important for the Haven Castle. While you build up your mage guild, consider building a Griffin Tower as well to provide some reinforcements for your army. Once your mage guild is all built (make sure the check mark is checked in the objective list), gather all your troops and head to the Seer Hut. You will be asked to retrieve the Boots of Levitation in the underground. The entrance can be found to the South, but make sure you visit that Planetarium on the right first.

A little surprise awaits Isabel, Beatrice and friends
The underground is quite small, with three paths all leading to dead-ends. The only one you need to visit is the one guarded by Bone Dragons, in the North-East. There is some gold around, as well as a couple of treasure chests, but you probably don’t need money or experience anymore so you can just skip them. The artifact you are looking for is in a crypt nearby. It is guarded by a rather large Necropolis army, so quicksave your game before you enter. Once you have the boots, go back to the surface. You have one last opportunity to max out on experience before the end of the level. When you are ready, cross the bridge and enjoy the cool cutscene.
Thanks CH.
Derek at 2006-08-11 00:53 wrote:
on the trap lv i can fight the crypt thing i click on it but nothing happens
Evgeniy at 2006-08-09 11:07 wrote:
Heroes 5 Cheats:
in english
http://www.maps4hero s_eng.php
in russian
http://www.maps4hero s_rus.php
Андрей at 2006-08-09 10:43 wrote:
где коды
Vadym at 2006-08-05 11:15 wrote:
Hi everybody. I have the next laptop:
Intel Core Duo Processor T2400 (1.83GHz/2MB Cache/677MHz FSB),
1GB DDR2 MEMORY (best),
8X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer DVD Burner with double-layer write capability
100GB SATA HardDrive (fast),
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (English)

Does anybody knows if Heroes V would be running on this laptop. TAHKS for answer. Send the answers to my email PLEASE!!!!

Evgeniy at 2006-08-01 19:24 wrote:
to: Jens Traberg
"Map editor" will be in patch 1.3. Then there will be many fans maps on this site.
Read more:
http://www.maps4hero uly_2006_eng.php
Jens Traberg at 2006-08-01 18:39 wrote:
I think its is a really great game, but i dont think there are enough Hot-seat maps at all! i have given a lot of money for this game but there are simply to few free maps! thanks for a great game but please do something about it. please please please!
Bobby Robson at 2006-08-01 16:07 wrote:
(the film)
Bobby Robson at 2006-08-01 16:06 wrote:
The film with Nicolai's ressurection doesn't appear after i finish Necropolis campain.Is this a bug & where can i get it from?
TAimer at 2006-07-31 15:49 wrote:
Cool patches but how about team playin... I mean is there way to get two players to same team??? there is only the color change i havent found way to get two player to same color/team...
Sasha at 2006-07-30 11:40 wrote:
to: ismail
Heroes 5 Cheats:
http://www.maps4hero s_eng.php

Win Mission.

OR try to install patches:
http://www.maps4hero _1_1_eng.php
http://www.maps4hero _1_2_eng.php
ismail at 2006-07-30 10:01 wrote:
my campaign game was stop when i reach the 4th campaign, the warlock one. i forget what the name was. but when you enter the dungeon town its started to error en my computer won't respond. can you give some tips or it is just a bug on the game. by yhe way i play heroes since version 3 up till now
Sasha at 2006-07-25 12:35 wrote:
Nival developer "Folklein" has confirmed on the Nival forum that the Heroes V patch 1.3 will include the map editor. It will be released sufficiently soon to make proposals about an intermediate mini-patch between 1.2 and 1.3 implausible.
Your name: *
Your comment: *
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