Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 25-03-2017 17:53

My opinion - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

You know better in this case. But I have all the scripts worked and I was able to go through the whole map! more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 25-03-2017 17:04

New map coming - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

I had DeathLord removed because the game mechanics would not allow what I wanted it to do. It was broken beyond my ability to repair it. A new map is being tested now. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 25-03-2017 17:01

DeathLord Removed - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

I asked that DeathLord, my last map, be removed from the website. It was broken beyond my ability to repair and thus did not live up to my personal standards. I am beta-testing another one to put up on the site soon. more...

Author: Lpro , 25-03-2017 16:49

Author - Dragon Lord - Heroes 3 map

The Angelic Alliance can be found in the Tomb of King Sarkonis. To reach the tomb you must travel the Cursed Path, at the end of the Cursed Path is a river which will lead you to the tomb. Before you can travel the Cursed Path you must first defeat the Pirate King, because this will allow you to acc more...

Author: Jackie (Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam), 25-03-2017 15:10

Like - Last Dawn - Heroes 5 map

Thank for your support more...

Author: Maygwan , 25-03-2017 14:38

Make few stacks of angels - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

Enough so if they die you can resurrect and guard your titans while doing damage. You might need a few more titans see how you get on. more...

Author: Maygwan , 25-03-2017 14:36

It is hidden in that area - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

check everywhere and you will find the 3 parts to the bow. more...

Author: Solmyr89 (petersburg), 25-03-2017 14:33

Bow of the sharpshooter for Sam - Supernatural - Heroes 3 map

How do I get it so the guard will let me pass? more...

Author: ntt , 25-03-2017 12:01

death lord - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

Where is your latest map? Why did it disappear from the site? Where can I find it? more...

Author: blackace , 25-03-2017 11:09

Hi im stuck @ dragon lord map - Dragon Lord - Heroes 3 map

I can't unlock Rashka . It require Orb of temperment fire . But to get it i need angelic alliance . How can i get the sword ?? more...

Heroes 7 (VII) - Maps Heroes 6 (VI) - Maps Heroes 5 (V) - Maps Heroes 4 (IV) - Maps Heroes 3 (III) - Maps

An interview about Heroes 6 from the website of Poland

Tawerna: There is one more thing that is very important for our community - resources decrease. We are from seven down to four and there are really grave problems about retrogradation the complicacy of city plan preparation and speeding-up the whole active work. What are the reasons of your decision to do that?

Ubisoft: We can emphasize three principal reasons that influenced our choice that concerns about Heroes. It adds more strategic elements to the game. You cannot notice this fact from the first look but old Heroes games were characterized by a special resource to look after. But in fact there was no caring about the mines of other players. Strategic features are in the moments when you will try preventing rivals from taking a major resource.

If games have many different resources are more like management games than strategy ones. For example the game Starcraft 2 has two resources. But such games as Civilization (32 resorts) and Settlers 7 (7 resorts) concentrate more on management.

It is much lighter for people who are responsible for map making. There is no need to put in various resources in accordance with factions other players could pick out.

Dragon Blood Crystal is the innovation among resources from mines. There is a nice explanation for the subsistence of those mines: In the time of the Elder Wars wounded gods of Dragon shed their blood on Ashan. Where the blood dropped it would take the shape of strength bond called a "Dragon vein". The dwellers of Ashan leaned the means of extracting the crystals from the veins, in that way setting up the mines.

Tawerna: From the released content about the groups specific functions we have found out that you made different parts of restructuring in miraculous sides as well, but we are not convinced in entirely what kind of direction and to what lengthening. We know that you cannot tell all the information about it but could you be so kind to tell us is the fixed secret of magic densely involved to the each group and is the solely available or is it likely to invent Haven hero with glory in destroying and black magic?

Ubisoft: The only thing that we can report you for the time being is that there will be seven miraculous schools. There will be six primary schools: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Darkness, Light. The seventh school is called Primordial. Other details will be described later.

Tawerna: We have got to know that there will be starching to the Might and Magic Heroes 6. We are inquisitive weather it will have a classic DVD form or will it be demonstrated as a DLC. May be two variants of forms. This is quite a significant question because Air bigger DLC have irritating trends of not working with containments that differ from the original, for example Polish.

Might & Magic: Heroes 6 screenshotUbisoft: At the first place we have the necessity of getting the game out. The facts about it we will get you later.

Tawerna: We have got acquainted with the Gamescom materials and it is clear for us that you contributed greatly to detailed, composite and amusing animations with a number of visual effects which will provide us with the feeling of the game epic. But there is a question about forcing us by these effects to purchase new best shelf hardware to have pleasure from the newest game or do older PCs still are characterized by the opportunity to withstand the demands of Might and Magic Heroes 6?

Ubisoft: Do not be nervous, as in all Heroes versions of the game you will be able to play with a running PC. The demonstrative variant of course in the best probable decision so it would seem impressive. Moreover, you will have all the standard alternatives to accommodate the quality of graphics to the performance of your computers.

Tawerna: We are aware of the fact that the growth of the game was discussed with Heroes fans from the very beginning and we are asking are you thinking about extending the experience in closed or opened beta tests in far or close future?

Ubisoft: We are very satisfied with the course of things during the latest time period, but we have not yet decided what we will do over the further few months and years.

Might & Magic: Heroes 6 screenshotTawerna: With so much inconsistency we have to get the answers to the questions. Is Might and Magic Heroes 6 going to be safeguarded with DRM system?

Ubisoft: This is the specific question for the Ubisoft managing group, not the game creators! Just now we do not know what the conclusive decision will be, so we are keeping the options open.

Tawerna: At the end of our discussion we want you to answer about your planning of release a Collectors Edition of Might and Magic Heroes 6?

Ubisoft: We will get you this information later…

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