Author: Maygwan , 29-03-2017 12:56

400 archers - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

Once you get Arthur you will get the archers behind quest gate. more...

Author: Maygwan , 29-03-2017 12:53

Guard3 - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

He is behind the red border gates beat him and behind him is arthur in prison. more...

Author: Maygwan , 29-03-2017 12:50

King Arthur - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

Once you get the red tent king arthur is behind guard3. The black tent you wont need till the very end of the map. 4000 archers you just need to go up thru the water area and on the right event will say task 1 archers keep heading that way. more...

Author: Andreas (Munich), 29-03-2017 08:02

very good map - Magician, Warrior and Master - Heroes 3 map

Well done ! This map has so many surprises ! I really like this ! Orange player was so hard until I could free Crag Hack from prison near Kildare Castle. His thousands of armies were very satisfying. Only one little problem : In the sea where you get over 40 spell power, knowledge , experience etc: more...

Author: Piergiorgio Mazzetta (Canada), 29-03-2017 05:17

I'm stuck - Conquest of Heaven and Hell - Heroes 3 map

hi, cant get to find 400 elves
cant find King arthur....
cant find blak tent
what am i missing? more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 28-03-2017 17:52

Thanks - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the clarifications! But I passed all the quests and finished the game successfully! The only wish is to warn that quests have been performed, you need to collect certain artifacts. And then I sold them and could not enter the dungeon))) more...

Author: Maygwan , 28-03-2017 17:33

Glad you enjoyed map - A Barbarian Uprising Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Cyclops by eric is a bug ty the garrison troops you are meant to have. more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 28-03-2017 17:01

Thanks. - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the good rating. I was so angry with the constant glitches I had asked for the game to be removed. Hopefully (since I did not play all the way through it again to be sure) the glitches are repaired. At any rate, the game should be playable even if all the quests don't trigger. As lon more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 28-03-2017 16:56

Quests Fixed - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

The game layout is essentially the same. I needed to fix the quests, and the "mob scene" toward the end. Also added a few more troops to the enemy players to make them more challenging. more...

Author: Олег (Gomel Belarus), 28-03-2017 13:16

Vote - DeathLord - Heroes 7 map

Deathlord more...

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Heroes 7: Heroes 7 original

for chalanging game play as 1 or 5 player as single and play both as multiplayer .
- no stormarrows
- no implosion
- no plague

Added: 18-05-2016

Heroes 7 maps: The Rise of the Lich | RTA | The Fall of the Lich | Ta Horafia Tu Pappou

Author: ITM, 26-05-2016 10:01
COOKED MAP - Dungeon vs Stronghold
Cooked. Bad

Author: Sanadif (Greece), 24-05-2016 22:11
Not my kind of map. - Dungeon vs Stronghold
Maybe its great, but since i saw that my first turn had my hero with a huge army ready on, i pass on this one.

Author: Dan (UK), 22-05-2016 19:35
Very good! - Dungeon vs Stronghold
great challenge! lots to explore. finished on hard as player 1.

keep it up!and thanks of course!

Author: MIB (Gomel), 20-05-2016 18:23 +10
Gooooood map! - Dungeon vs Stronghold
Great map! One of the best published here! But because of the imbeciles limbic Ubisoft finish it is impossible! After wins over most opponents conservation booting! The game crashes regularly! And do not load the autosave.
Here the reason I believe in legacy engine Unreal. He can not cope with the amount of data!

Отличная карта! Одна из лучших тут опубликованных! Но из-за дебилов лимбических Ubisoft доиграть её невозможно! После побед над большинством противников сохранения перестают загружаться! Игра вылетает регулярно!И не загружаются автосохранения.
Тут причина, по моему мнению, в устаревшем движке Unreal. Он не справляется с таким объемом данных!

  Sebol writes:
20-05-2016 20:45

crasches - Dungeon vs Stronghold

hmmm strange we havent any crasches and any problems with saves

Author: Alexander (Good old Germany), 20-05-2016 02:08
Very challenging map - Dungeon vs Stronghold
Starting with player one, it is nearly impossible to beat the opponents. Player 8 has double troops, so I played from 8th position. From my opinion this map is too big. Crashes happens and the ways are to long.

Without implosion and storm arrows it seems to be impossible to win this game on heroic level.

But I really appreciate your work and I hope you will provide more challenging maps. Thank you very much!

  Sebol writes:
20-05-2016 13:43

How to win - Dungeon vs Stronghold

If you play as 1 player choose Dungeon and choose Yarabeth hero , She has fire magic and group Inner Fire spell , neer the castle you have supprise with two dragon units with always jojn . Just walk in the park , hmmmm maybe not ehehehe. I play this map on multiplayer mode with my friend on heroic mode , castle 1,2,3,8 are dungeon and 4,5,6,7, as stronghold we played as pleyer 1 and 5 and it was very challanging but not impossible.

  Sebol writes:
20-05-2016 13:49

one more thing - Dungeon vs Stronghold

all the oponents are 3 times biger than player 1 and 5 , so thats why playing as player 1 or 5 are so beautifull .

  MIB (Gomel) writes:
20-05-2016 18:27

Super! - Dungeon vs Stronghold

I was able to win almost all opponents one by one. Wait until they fought among themselves, they weakened and attacked the remaining)))
The map is very exciting! Damn freaks of ubisoft and limbic dropouts!

Мне удалось победить почти всех противников по очереди. Дожидался, когда они между собой воевали, ослабевали и нападал на оставшегося)))
Карта очень увлекательная! Проклинаю уродов из ubisoaft и лимбических недоучек!

  MIB (Gomel) writes:
21-05-2016 22:11

tactic - Dungeon vs Stronghold

implosion, I found in the scrolls of spells, and through the corresponding artifact)) This spell really helped to win 8 Hero without any problems. But after this victory, I was left with too few troops)) therefore had to use a different tactic.
Это заклинание действительно помогло победить 8 героя без всяких проблем. Но после этой победы у меня осталось слишком мало войск)) Поэтому пришлось применить другую тактику.

  Alexander (Good old Germany) writes:
22-05-2016 03:14

Implosion and Stromarrows are needed in this map - Dungeon vs Stronghold

I tried this map on impossible mode. I use Armari and Grid playing on Position 5. To beat the two heroes in the underground was not a great deal. The big problem are neutral troups which are growing very fast. I fight against more than 1000 earth elementals and it took nearly 20 rounds using snowstorm on Masterlevel to win without losses. But this is boring!

Therefore please provide a version of this map with implosion and storm arrows.

On the other hand what tactic you use to kill huge single stacks of neutral troops?

  MIB (Gomel) writes:
22-05-2016 22:10

Do not hurry - Dungeon vs Stronghold

Wait, when a strong enemy attack another strong victory will be weakened enough!
And I chose to set up a neutral army and increase their average limited because otherwise the AI will not attack the portals! And it will be boring to play))

Дождаться, когда сильный противник нападет на другого сильного, победивший окажется достаточно ослабленным!
И еще в настройке выбрал нейтральные войска средними и рост их ограничил, потому что иначе АИ не станет нападать на порталы! И будет скучно играть ))

  Alexander (Good old Germany) writes:
23-05-2016 10:36

Neutral armies are the problem - Dungeon vs Stronghold

AI players are not the problem to beat. If you wait neutral armies become in impossible mode to big so that you can not take any goodies.

Do anyone have a tactic to beat very huge armies without implosion?

If you wait to long game will crash due to impossible map size.

  MIB (Gomel) writes:
23-05-2016 11:37

implosion spell - Dungeon vs Stronghold

With the implosion spell no problem))) you can buy a roll of magicians in the cities!
You can also buy and artifact spell implosion in their cities. Naturally, you need to wait when they arrive there. Not so fast this is happening.

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