Author: sandman (south africa), 26-03-2017 16:31

levelling cap - The Second Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Hi my hero stopped levelling at 31 - any idea what could be wrong? more...

Author: Cesar (Sweden), 26-03-2017 15:52

nice map - Balance - Heroes 3 map

This was really a fun map! i played solo at hardest was kinda a challenge but with necro u kinda just snowball. i won in 10 months . Great work. love to see more maps like this :) it would be much harder to win if u werent playing necro^^ 10/10 more...

Author: sobol , 26-03-2017 12:45

Too slow and nothing to do - FOREST PARTY - Heroes 3 map

LAck of townportal more...

Author: ntt , 26-03-2017 10:27

death lord - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

Thanks for the answer. In that case, I'm waiting for your new maps. They're great :) more...

Author: Maygwan , 26-03-2017 08:52

You do get TP - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

But it is much later in the game there is a pink hero guarding it with 7k dragons. more...

Author: Dalon , 26-03-2017 08:40

Maybe issue about caravan - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

While doing the map I noticed many AI blocking with caravans, and if I take cities I get many caravans from enemy AI. It seems AI is not able to manage caravans, to a point it create traffic jams and make the game very slow: probably what creates my savegame unloadable too. more...

Author: Dalon , 26-03-2017 08:34

Sorry sir blocked after 200/300 turns - The Gauntlet - Heroes 7 map

Sorry to say that, the map blocked after I beat the 3rd player too (with a relatively small army on my necromancy hero - 4k skeletons-170 vampires-30 dragons-500 spiders- 200 lamasu), I'm not able to reload a savegame.

My Pc is decent, 8Gb Ram + Radeon HD8750 with addition 2Gb DDR5 Ram.

W more...

Author: Graxstar (USA), 26-03-2017 06:25

DeathLord - Warriors Leap - Heroes 7 map

I may rework it at a later date. I couldn't do with it what I originally intended but I may be able to make it something at least challenging. more...

Author: Vladan (Belgrade, Serbia), 26-03-2017 02:44

Good job again - A Barbarian Uprising Conquest - Heroes 3 map

Nice map. I liked the ideas of spell learning and picking secondary skills for 2 main heroes.

I finished in 205 days, using the horn, rushing. Didn't get the Grail, AI found it before, so 442 points this time.
At the very end, I had to cheat a bit, since I could not find black tent needed t more...

Author: Niks (Cologne, Germany), 25-03-2017 23:49

Why not give town portal? - The First Circle - Heroes 3 map

I found myself chasing AI until I lost interest... I appreciate the time invested to make and test the map, but it is far from enjoyable (at least for me). I suppose giving town portal,blind and animate dead would make it too easy, but chasing around AI is really not an alternative. more...

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Heroes 5: Heroes 5 Tribes of the East


Added: 11-04-2016

Heroes 5 maps: Inselspringen | Chancengleich | Besieged | Judgement

Author: zimmy (canada), 02-02-2016 03:18
heaven - HEAVEN
I like the imagination of the map builder with his layering but it was a little bit sparse. I think it would have worked better as a smaller map. I only tried it as the necro, but their main town had an undefined name.

Author: Zee Prime (Czech Republic), 29-12-2015 11:20
Nice going with this map, Henry. - HEAVEN
I gave this author one more chance (after Immaginarium) and this map is fine. Lots of original eyecandies, vast map - just so vast that you do not encounter your enemy until you decide to. It was a bit surprising to look into the eyes of more than 5000 cyclopses when I tried to visit my neigbour :-). But using terrain and dark magic I beat them without losses - the other stack was more difficult as far as tactics are concerned, but again without loss. When I met my Archenemy it was a slaughter even though he did not seem too strong at the beginning. I think the game cheated as my characteristics were much higher. Anyway, nice map. A bit enemyless thought...gonna try Elvenkings.

  henry spiteri writes:
29-12-2015 15:17

heaven - HEAVEN

hi zee prime
I am glad that you liked this map. i am new to map making so any comments are welcome. I will take everything into consideration to make better maps for you guys. seems that the new objects I am putting in my maps are working. efquest is full of eye candies u should also try perilous paths
thank you for your comments
best regards

Author: Milos Gajic (Nish, Serbia), 25-12-2015 12:42
actually... - HEAVEN
What is the rpe editor? Most of the things you've done could be done right there in the editor... creating the custom objects and then stacking them one on top of the other. At first glance I thought there was something NEW there, but now after a thorough 'investigation& #039; in the editor I see that most of those are 'normal' custom objects created in the editor.

I'm not saying map isn't good, I am yet to play it, and Heaven is much more better designed than Immaginarium, but there's not much intventing done there.

  henry spiteri writes:
25-12-2015 16:31

rpe editor - HEAVEN

hi milos.
first I would like to say that I love your maps you are a wizard keep it up.
I am new at map making but I enjoy it. the rpe is the role playing edition [mod] done by magnomagus you can find it at the heroes community site.yes some things I stack up or down hide parts of ect but that is where the imagination to make things look a bit different comes in.the editor is full of what I call new objects[objects I have not seen in any other maps I played]the what I call fly by town buidings are in the editor. model. arenas. towns.using the 3 dot system in the shared folder.if the griffin bastion came up I guess all the rest is showing in your game.only problem is that when you place the TOWN objects they come up far far away to the north east I don't know how to make them closer so that is why I have to use huge maps, if you figure it out pls let me know. I hope I was of some help.
regards henry

  Milos Gajic (Nish, Serbia) writes:
25-12-2015 18:07

Thanks for the reply - HEAVEN

When I tried creating custom objects that are parts of the haven, necro or some other town (not orcish or dwarven) I have found it very hard and irritating because they don't show up, but maybe it is because they appear far to the left or right. I'll try it again. Hey, if you want to work with me on a reworked version of one of my old maps visit Celestial heavens site, map making guild page and leave a comment on my post. I am reworking my map "In the mountains" from multiplayer to singleplayer with many custom objects, scripts etc. Here's the link to my post, don't know if it'll show up though: http://www.celestial 15944

  henry spiteri writes:
25-12-2015 19:17

hi milos - HEAVEN

hi milos tks there is one thing I have to tell you. when you create a new town building, place any object I use crystal next to the arena object like the academy stuff 1 so when u move the town building object on your map drag the crystal too so you know where it is this is VERY important as if the place where the academy stuff was goes out of the map the editor will not work for that map and there is no way to fix it and all your work will be lost I hope I was helpful. i will check your map tomorrow as I am going out now
happy Christmas
best regards henry

  Milos Gajic (Nish, Serbia) writes:
25-12-2015 20:13

There's an easier way - HEAVEN

There's an easier way if you know approximately how much the position is off, just change the coordinates accordingly before you select anything else.

I just didn't think that those object could be inserted into the map, I thought they were broken or something...

Um, thanks for the Christmas thingy, and happy Christmas to you too, but I'm an atheist, and besides that I live in Serbia and we celebrate it after the New Year (not a Catholic country). Thanks anyway.

  henry spiteri writes:
26-12-2015 11:05

in the mountains map - HEAVEN

hi milos.
had a look at your map screen shots[ wow at last there is someone who uses the new buildings]love the storyline so far. maybe I can help. i have loads of ideas for you I think you will like. tried to register on heroes round table but no joy as yet. r u on fb or how can we best get in touch.
tried your tip on x y new town object buildings but cant make it work
tks and regards

  Milos Gajic (Nish, Serbia) writes:
26-12-2015 16:03

Here's my e-mail - HEAVEN

Please no junk mail, spam and things of such sort!!!

Everything else regarding the H5 map editor, scripts, cooperation on maps, send at:

profgeomilos at yahoo dot com

Author: Milos Gajic (Nish, Serbia), 25-12-2015 12:26
cont... - HEAVEN
Ok, I figured out some of those, but, how did you do the griffin bastion for example, I've tried everything and it wouldn't appear in my maps.

Author: Milos Gajic (Nish, Serbia), 25-12-2015 12:18
Wow, new objects?! - HEAVEN
I am yet to play your maps, so far I've seen this one and Immaginarium, are there more with new objects? And another question, since I make maps as well, can you tell me how did you create those new objects? Or can I (and how?)use them in my maps?

Author: madar51 (Budapest), 25-12-2015 10:15 +10
congratulations - HEAVEN
Nice map!

  henry spiteri writes:
25-12-2015 11:07

tks madar 51 - HEAVEN

tks madar 51 I am glad you liked it I am wondering if all the new buildings,big towns and effects are showing on your game as I use the rpe editor to make my maps so I don't know if they come up on the normal h5game.
pls can you let me know
regards henry

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